19 October, 2009

13 October, 2009

Continental hotel breakfasts and my favorite childhood travel treat (croissants with apricot jelly and coldcuts).

Day trips.

Seeing old friends in new contexts.

Pie shops!

Mushy peas.


Bounty bars.

Being able to buy gooseberry yogurt, preserved Damson plums and rhubarb, goose fat, double cream, goat's milk butter (and buffalo butter!), and heather honey in the supermarket.

RIVER CAFE: Bagna Cauda di Bartolo with pumpkin, beets, carrots, fennel, cima di rape, and an anchovy-Nebbiolo sauce, Malfatti Verde with swiss and rainbow chard, marjoram butter and Parmesan, and Stinco di Vitello (veal shin) slow roasted in pieropan Soave Classico with sage, carrots, celery, saffron risotto and gremolata, and an insanely good lemon tart for dessert, served with sour cream.... yummmmmmm.

Being a vacation mooch.

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