31 July, 2009

31 July, 2009

7th Floor West.


Ryan Reynolds.

Rob Bass.

Hot, fresh donuts from Bob's with the glaze still dripping.

Feeling better.

30 July, 2009

30 July, 2009

Old acquaintances and small world coincidences.


E-filing my sales taxes.

The Post Office lady's new perm.

Dry-farmed tomatoes!!

Good news.

Sneaky squirrels.

Afternoon naps.

Caramelized tomatoes and goat cheese.


29 July, 2009

Paul Westerberg.

Being friendly.

Getting back to work.

Checks in the mail.

Tug-of-war with Seymour.


Jason Molina's croon.

Feeling optimistic.

28 July, 2009

28 July, 2009


Amazing friends. You know who you are.


Seymour, boyfriend by default.


The Manchego and Greens bocadillo at C├ęsar.

More amazing friends.

Being tuckered out.

27 July, 2009


The "Daisy of Love" finale.

Having awesome, supportive friends.

Going to the movies two nights in a row.

A late dinner accompanied by Taiwanese music videos.

Astrological juices.

Sleeping, for the first time in days.

26 July, 2009

26 July, 2009

Staying in.

Bad movies.

Being greeted by Seymour after a night away.


25 July, 2009

Cakemaking competitions.

Sharing with Seymour.

Being on time.

Meat cocktails.

S'more stations.

Trader Vic's.




25 July, 2009

24 July, 2009

Hearing from far-away friends.

Pretty pictures.

Fired Up!


23 July, 2009

23 July, 2009

My patio.

A clean sink.

Cooking for friends.

Salad Nicoise- always so pretty!

Dinner al fresco, by candlelight.

Family bands.


A tasty mess.

Celebrating the end of a long day with my puppers.

22 July, 2009

22 July, 2009

Making schedules and sticking to them.

Seymour's new haircut.

My new haircut.

Going through the carwash.

Mini courgettes.

The way good blueberries can almost taste buttery.

Art Smith.


My dishwasher.

21 July, 2009

21 July, 2009


Checks in the mailbox.

Being able to go back to bed after a couple hours of work and then do more in the afternoon.

Getting all my orders packed.


Making plans.

20 July, 2009

An extra hour of sleep.

Breakfast burritos.

Hanging out with my pup.

Swimming buddies.

Breads of India.

The Touchables, followed by Satisfaction- an awesome double feature.

19 July, 2009

19 July, 2009

Yellow wax!

Making new friends.

Buying art.

Shauna and her camera.

Door to door service.

"Design Star."

Quiet Sunday nights.

18 July, 2009

18 July, 2009

Crunchy veggie cream cheese.

Babybel cheese.

Making wax miniatures, a la 4th grade.

Good friends.

Getting to bed early.

17 July, 2009

17 July, 2009

The Golden Girls.

The County Fair!

Solange and her weird outfits.

Cheese on a stick.

Photo booths.

Fortune telling computers.

Prizewinning jellies and pickles.

Model railways.

Lionhead bunnies.

The Twister Dog (a hotdog on a stick with a potato corkscrew around it, dipped in nacho cheese).

The ride home.

16 July, 2009

16 July, 2009

Spore collections.

Boyfriends who can fix web problems.

Sandwiches with turkey, manchego cheese, whole grain mustard and homemade pickles.

A much-needed pedicure, followed by a swim- the perfect recipe to cure an awful day.

The evening fog rolling in over the bay.

Summer veggies.

Crossing things off my list.

15 July, 2009

15 July, 2009

My semi-annual lunch date with Richard.

Salami tasting.

Trading design secrets.

Finally getting the happy dog print done.

Martha Stewart's berries.

Teenage angst.

Atanarjuat. P knows what I mean.

Michael Chiarello.

Staying up late.

14 July, 2009

14 July, 2009

Green enchiladas at Juanita's.


Treasures from my past.

Dad's blueberries.

Confirmation of how much I've grown up since high school.

Electric fans.


13 July, 2009

13 July, 2009

Spontaneous puppy parties!



Pasta with corn, tomatoes, and basil.

Taking Care of Business.

Rex Manning.

12 July, 2009

12 July, 2009

Brunch at Bill's.


Kitten mummies.


David Ulansey.

Naps with P.

Mason Pearson brushes.

Caffeine-free Diet Coke.

Getting money in the mail.

"Daisy of Love."

Patton Oswalt.

11 July, 2009

Princess projectors.

Sunbathers at the pool.

Exploring P's neighborhood.


Emoji resemblances.

Yogurtland, finally!!

Pistachio fro-yo with mochi topping.

Chaucer the Great Dane.


Forgotten cocktails.

10 July, 2009

10 July, 2009


Fish burritos with extra avocado, and a watermelon agua fresca.

Freezing berries for future pies, scones, and ice cream.

My strawberry bounty.

Upcoming adventures.

Music and Lyrics.

Straus chocolate ice cream.

09 July, 2009

9 July, 2009

Having the best Thursday ever!

Strawberry picking.


Berry stand boys.

Ollaliberry and loganberry picking.

Fresh peas!

Straw mazes.

Being lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Lobster rolls and sweet corn.

Coming home to my puppers.

"Limericks are evil!"

Little boys with kites.

Watching the sun set over the Bay.

Love and Rockets at 3:30 am.

08 July, 2009

8 July, 2009

A furry buffalo beast with tusks.

Cinnamon challah.

Staying on top of paperwork.

Swimming and having the whole pool to myself!

Running into CT.

The international language.

Sweet corn with basil.

07 July, 2009

7 July, 2009

A lane of my own at the pool.

Strawberry milkshakes.

Road trip dreams.

Tomato-grape salad.

Popsicles and Triple X- a perfect evening!

Homemade pickles.

Realizing that this list is all about food.

05 July, 2009

6 July, 2009


Dad's blueberries.

New accounts.

My goofy dog.


Soft hamburger buns.

"The wine section."

5 July, 2009

Sleeping in.

A lazy day.

"Hard to Seymour."

Further laziness.

4 July, 2009

My favorite holiday!

French toast bread pudding.

Farmer's markets.

"The Hangover."

Red Vines and Coke.

Picking blueberries and apricots at my parents' house.


Rooftop adventures.

"Cake Boss."

Watching things blow up.


Barbeque for two.

Strawberry-blueberry shortcake.

Having a good boyfriend.

3 July, 2009

Flowers from P!!!

Making pickles.

Pasttime Hardware.

A walk with my boys.

New friends.

Santa Rosa plum sorbet at Ici (finally!!).

I Like You.

Old Fashioneds made with my cherry bourbon.

Chinese Checkers.

02 July, 2009

2 July, 2009


Hemingway (surprisingly!).

Mr. Lam.

Seymour's love of carrots, cooked or raw.

Boyfriends who surprise you.

Jane's show and extended birthday celebration.


01 July, 2009

1 July, 2009

Spending the day reading.


Found tennis balls.

Pasta with leftover caramelized carrots, arugula, and goat cheese.

Drinks with Kara.