30 September, 2009

30 September, 2009

Sleeping in.


Pushing through.

Being on Apartment Therapy!

Good apple juice.

Solving puzzles.



29 September, 2009

29 September, 2009

Catching up on work.

Catching up on my DVR.

Making sorbet.

The Amazing Race.

Simple dinners.

Making plans.

28 September, 2009

Walks with my buddy.

More plums.

Getting back to normal.

Mom's pear chicken (with Dad's pears).

Ordering trees.

Soul Crab.

27 September, 2009

27 September, 2009

Delicous pastries at Honoré.

Farmers markets full of fall produce.

Crisp, autumn air.

Watching the salmon jump at the Locks.

Cocount cream pie.

Making it through security unscathed.

Getting home in time for erev Yom Kippur dinner.

Being reunited with my bed.

26 September, 2009

Volunteer Park cookies.

Ferry rides.

Spontaneous visits to lumberjack competitions.

Antique malls.

The Red Mill.

The best sour cherry pie ever.


25 September, 2009

25 September, 2009

Being awakened by Miss Sophie.

Hollandaise sauce.

Lakefront properties.

Korn Fritters with honey butter.

Miss Melanie's Dance School.

Mexican orphans.

Mutton Bustin'!

Amazing scones.



Found hats.


24 September, 2009

24 September, 2009

Getting enough sleep.

Not having to worry about packing.

The nice people at the Apple store.

Short flights.

Shawn! And Chris! And Bob and Will!

Lillet Blanc.

Molly Moon's.

Miss Sophie.

Studios built by boyfriends.

23 September, 2009

23 September, 2009

Veruca Salt.

Fabric stores.

Salt and pepper shortbread.

Overzealous purchasing of plums.

Stocking up.

Banana shakes.

Making sorbets.

A night off.

P'tit basque and pears.

22 September, 2009

22 September, 2009

Rosehips and fresh air.

Getting my car back, good as new!

Plum sorbet.

A much needed pedicure.

Sweet lassis.

Punk rock operas.

Old Fashioneds at the Hotsy Totsy.


21 September, 2009


Finishing things.


Quality time with Seymour.

Bored to Death.

Spending a whole day at home.

20 September, 2009

20 September, 2009

Walking in LA.

Milk again.

The Larchmont Village farmer's market.


More pluots!

Vintage postcards.

Donut Man.


Christian Bale.

Coming home.

19 September, 2009

Celeb sightings.

Banana-dulce de leche milkshakes.

Cute neighborhoods.

Storybook houses.





The number 24.

19 September, 2009

18 September, 2009


Jamie Magazine.

Autumn food.

Being able to see the LA mountains.

Parking lot adventures.

Charlie Boghosian, king of fried foods.

The Zucchini Weeni and the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich.

Fresh milk.


Giant and miniature animals.

17 September, 2009

17 September, 2009

Friend crushes.

Walking to Cafe Fanny for a cup of tea.


Eating my veggies.

Bringing home the bacon.


16 September, 2009

Catching up on sleep.

Flavor Grenade pluots.

Overgrown gardens.

Fortuitous timing.

Gioia pizza.

Shows for nice people on TV Land.

Bloody Eyeball.

Cutting patterns with Jenn.

Top Chef.

15 September, 2009

15 September, 2009

Talking things through.

Walking across town and spying on people's gardens.

Monterey Market.

Dad's pears with cheese.

Catching up.

Crossing things off my list.

Plums and black pepper ganache.

The CW.

14 September, 2009

14 September, 2009

Getting an early start.

Breadboard x3.

Pancake sandwiches.

Cumulus clouds.

The Olive Pit.

Coming home.

Being in the Examiner!

The Sugar Shack Family Band.


Antonio Ballatore.

13 September, 2009

More Breadboard.

The main antique mall.


Chocolate covered bacon.

Visits to the Rock Museum (sadly closed).

Roadside honey.

Okie Dokie the kitten.

Historic Jacksonville.

Water powered flour mills.



Mystery houses.

Brazen turkeys.

The Music Man.


12 September, 2009

12 September, 2009

Sleeping in!

Plums, grapes and walnuts growing in the parking lot.

The Mountain Man and marionberry crepes at the Breadboard.


Vintage flashcards.

Iced tea.


10% precipitation, exactly.

11 September, 2009

11 September, 2009

Fish burritos.

The mail lady's magic perm.

Road trips.

Driving through the mountains.

Australian hats.

The cherry pie song.

Neatly organized jellies.

Getting away.

10 September, 2009

Being up early for a change.


Willing tasters.

Richard's amazing microwave cookery.

Winning my first real pie competition!!!

Bar Jules.

Dan's apartment.

Making plans for Erik's move.

DIscovering that I somehow know all the words to "Come Sail Away" by Styx.

10 September, 2009

9 September, 2009

Friendly service.

Breakfast with Kiersten.



Garden planning!

Dad's pears.

The Papercuts.

Boys in plaid shirts.

08 September, 2009

8 September, 2009


Summer fruit.

Cake decorating competitions.

Making money.


Helpful friends.

7 September, 2009

Waking up without an alarm.

Healthy snacks.

Getting things done.

Mr. Seymour.

Cat naps.

The Milk Farm.

The simple pleasure of watching cars smash into each other.

Photo booths.

Banana milkshakes.

06 September, 2009

6 September, 2009

A sunny day at the Point.

Churros and a lovely lunch al fresco.

Putting pickles first.


More aloe vera gel.


05 September, 2009

5 September, 2009

Friends and family.

Brunch at Sea Salt.

Being out on the water.

Learning about bridges.

Strawberry shortcake and potato puffs.

Folding buddies.


Appetizers for dinner, especially goat cheese souffle with figs and roasted corn soup.

New soap!

One brain, two stomachs.

Aloe vera gel.

04 September, 2009

4 September, 2009

Being able to taste the beer in fish and chips batter.

Nautical views.

Duo-tone tiles at Heath.

Sneaking out of the tour early.

Muir Beach.

Driving up Highway 1 on a beautiful day.

Nettle-wrapped cheese.

Trader Joe's delerium.

Cheeseboard pizza.

Card folding parties, with soundtrack courtesy of Sinead O'Connor.

03 September, 2009

3 September, 2009

Breakfast at Fanny's.

One last drive across the original Bay Bridge.

Having a gorgeous, clear, sunny day to drive down the coast.

Loving where I live.

Strawberry picking!

Honor tills.

Lobster rolls at Sam's.

Walking on the beach.

Getting home.

Pre- and post-nap snacks.

Doña Coladas.

Helpful parents.

Having an assistant to help me fold cards.

Planning the next adventure!

02 September, 2009

2 September, 2009

My new alternator.

The view from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Discovering a new pickle shop.

Salted chocolate cookies.

Having someone to share the joy of Monterey Market with.

Pluot tastings.

Sampling cheeses at the Cheeseboard.

Blueberry-chamomile sorbet.


Surprise chats.

Wearing Seymour out.

Eating our bounty.

Anagram games.