28 February, 2009

28 February, 2009

Jamie Magazine. Food porn!

Snuggling with Seymour.

Last minute dates.

"When You Were Mine."

Good musicians who play good music.

Disturbingly positive bathroom graffiti.

"Tears of a Clown" at Mel's, just like old times.

27 February, 2009

27 February, 2009

Eating my veggies.

Milk trucks.

Bel Biv Devoe followed by Paul Simon, courtesy of iTunes.

Small world moments.

Colorful hangers.

Lobster bibs.


"Fired Up!"

Spending time with friends you've been wanting to get to know better.

More small world moments.

Carson Murdach's drawings.


26 February, 2009

Being organized.

Tropical dreams.

Typographic detective work.

A clean kitchen.

Simple dinners.

Slumber parties.

Dr. Spacemon.

Candy drinks.

26 February, 2009

25 February, 2009

Sweet dreams.

Unexpected sunshine.

Impromptu milkshake dates.

Walnut levain.

Fresh tulips.

RuPaul's Drag Race: girl, you better work!

Homemade whoopie pies.

24 February, 2009

24 February, 2009

Long-anticipated moments.

Advance plans for strawberry picking.

Getting paid!

Turning piles into files.

Mole rojo.

Boy talk.

Vintage board games.

The way the ground feels like a sponge after it rains.



Cheese plates.

23 February, 2009

23 February, 2009

A full inbox.

Sleeping in.

Following dump trucks.

Croque Monsieur.



Becky "Buckwild."

Lemon merengue pie.

Boys who iron.

22 February, 2009

22 February, 2009

Rainy day activities.


Ezra Pound: petals on a wet black bough.

Lazy days.

21 February, 2009

21 February, 2009

Smoked pork hash.


Seymour's paws.

Leftover spaghetti and meatballs.

A quiet night at home.

Roses that last forever.

20 February, 2009

Smoked yams.

Mental real estate reserved specifically for boys.

Backup plans.

Marissa Tomei: hotter than ever!

Time capsule bathrooms.

Ashton Kutcher's mom.

Emmy's Spaghetti Shack.

Reading other strangers' text messages over their shoulders: "too much champagne! lol"


Furry wings.

19 February, 2009

19 February, 2009

Being humbled.

Seeing my friends do well.

Vik's Chaat House.

A few hours to myself.


Dona Coladas.

Tattooed boys.

Trash talk.

Catching up on tv.

18 February, 2009

Baked goat cheese salad from Cafe Fanny.


Strange fruit.

An awesome birthday dinner for an awesome friend.

Picking up Seymour.

Couch time.

Not having to get up early.

18 February, 2009

17 February, 2009

Well-cooked breakfast potatoes.

Kind strangers.

The sound of many soda cans being popped open at once.

Heading home.

Promises kept.

Chicory salad.

Rockin' banjo solos.

Memories of hipsters past.

16 February, 2009

16 February, 2009

Green things at Crate and Barrel.

Happy chic.

Hot Dougs!!! Gyro sausage, lamb and pomegranate sausage with goat cheese and mint, and Uber Garlic sausage with pepper jack and habanero mayo.

Magic parking.

Jimmy's, the Falcon, and the Cove.

Ribs 'N' Bibs, where you can only get a bib by request.

The Brothers Johnson.

So Co and 7.


15 February, 2009

15 February, 2009

Chamomile tea.

Discounted, wilting roses at Target.

Whiskey in a soccer shoe-shaped bottle.

An awkward barbeque.


Dressing up.

Fancy cocktails at Devon.

Smothered chicken and sweet potatoes at Table 52.

Trader Vic's!


Running into old friends.

The pros and cons of drunk texting.

14 February, 2009

14 February, 2009

Strawberries macerated in balsamic and brown sugar.

Pink champagne.




Leftover asparagus quiche.

Catching glimpses of private moments between other people.

White Russians made with single-serving non-dairy creamers.

Complimentary cake.

Shoddy turn of the century carpentry.

13 February, 2009

13 February, 2009

Half-hearted Valentine's Day decorations at the Southwest ticket counter.

Liking myself.

Elle Decor.

Cute male flight attendants.


Finding the last pink Dyson at Target- on clearance!!!

Ribs N Bibs.

Paul the cat playing with his twisty tie.


Late night skyping/chatting with boys across the country.

12 February, 2009

12 February, 2009

Pollen-free flowers.

Leftover pot pie.

Foxes on trampolines!

Good art and good friends.

The Office.

11 February, 2009

11 February, 2009

Sudden hail storms.

Heart shaped candy boxes that look like pants.

Chicken pot pie.


Time travel.

10 February, 2009

10 February, 2009

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Beach balls.

Smoked almonds.

Staying afloat.

Being able to walk through my garage!!!

Breaking down cardboard boxes... I always forget that this is surprisingly satisfying.

The way pine trees smell fruity when it rains.

This kid (above), spotted at the grocery store. Taking candid pictures of other people's children is risky and hard, but can you see the marker all over his face?

09 February, 2009

9 February, 2009



Tree branches in the winter.

Early Valentine's Day gifts.

Seymour's friendship with Amico the cat.

Upcoming travel plans.

08 February, 2009

8 February, 2009


Catching up with old friends.

Sudden bursts of puppy energy.

Clean, white grout.

Burmese noodles with lime leaves.

Nerdy Jewish boys who play metal.


Jello Biafra.

"Jockeys," the new show on Animal Planet.

07 February, 2009

7 February, 2009

Making mixes.

Healthy gums.

Seymour swimming in the ocean.

The AKC Agility Invitationals.

Personal evites.

Going to an awesome rock show played by my friends!

"Night Moves."

Late night curly fries.

06 February, 2009

6 February, 2009

Top secret dental floss.


Being brave.

Improved tattoos.

Warm, fresh-baked cookies on a rainy day.

When iTunes plays something like "Gettin' Jiggy With It" immediately following a Lou Barlow song.

Liking people.

Keeping up my resolutions.

Late night amaretto milkshakes with friends.

How "Brick" by Ben Folds Five still makes me sad everytime I hear it, even when there's nothing to be sad about.

05 February, 2009

5 February, 2009

Sudden rain showers.

Getting tipsy on tropical drinks at Trader Vic's at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Fellow P1800 owners who wave at you when you drive past.

The Sid & Nancy soundtrack.

Helping out a friend.

Rice pudding.

04 February, 2009

4 February, 2009

A clean bathroom.




03 February, 2009

3 February, 2009

Pancake sandwiches!

Steel-toed, puncture-resistant slippers.

Wet sheep dogs.

Ice cold Coca Cola on a hot day.


"Ru Paul's Drag Race": possibly the best show in the history of television. To paraphrase Ru herself, it's "hotter than Tyra wearing a fat suit in July."

2 February, 2009

Getting things done.

Pudding and more pudding.

The comforts of family.

Pulled pork! Bowling! Hotsy Totsy!

Wanting more.

01 February, 2009

1 February, 2009

A new month!

Morning light.

Colloquialisms and pet names.

Antiques and friends who like them.


Dogs in cars on the freeway.

Puppy Bowl V!

Straus' Dutch chocolate ice cream.

Winning at Boggle.