31 December, 2009

31 December, 2009

Jerk chicken.


Brightly colored houses in unexpected places.

Wrapping presents.

Marina's stuffing.

Champagne with candied orange peel.


Mom's seam ripper.


30 December, 2009

Going back to bed.

Last minute lunch dates.


New obsessions.

A sunny day.



Going to bed "early."

29 December, 2009

29 December, 2009

Good neighbors.


The warm smell of laundry detergent wafting out of a basement window.

A congregation of safety figures.

Coconut rice.


Doggie playdates.

Being cozy at home on a rainy evening.

Dorothy Zbornak.


28 December, 2009

28 December, 2009

Getting out of jury duty.

Long walks.

Looking down.


Historical research.


Girl's night out.

Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker live.

People watching.

Planning outfits.

27 December, 2009

Sidewalk secrets.

Beignets with huckleberry preserves and chamomile tea on a damp morning.

Sailor shirts.

Camera Assassins.

The Aristocats.


Diet Coke.

Courthouse coincidences.

Getting the gang together, finally.

Gin + absinthe + lime juice + cane sugar.

Cooking for friends (chicory salad, puttanesca, roasted fennel, lemon tart).


Sitting down after a long day.

Charles Dickens.

26 December, 2009

26 December, 2009


Moroccan lamb ragu over smashed chickpeas.

Gin bloody Marys.

Paying it forward.

Pea shoots!

Inspiration at the produce market.

Exposed nests in leafless trees.

Being neighborly.

Moscato d'Asti.


25 December, 2009

25 December, 2009

Sleeping in.

Fleur de sel caramels.

"Pawn Stars."

Long walks at Redwood Park.

Seymour and Nero.

Sockeye salmon.

He's Just Not That Into You.

24 December, 2009

24 December, 2009

Sleeping in.

The Golden Girls.

Doggie slumber parties.

New dresses.

Christmas cookies.

23 December, 2009

23 December, 2009

An early breakfast at Cafe Fanny.


Pretty things.


The colors at Kate Spade.

Being welcomed home by Seymour.

Teeny tiny mandarins.


22 December, 2009

22 December, 2009

Cleaning out my "open orders" file.

Brunch with Piper.

Smoked yams!!

Dinner plans.

Nap time.

Pasta with onions, capers, tuna and hot pepper.

Wrapping things up.

Pay per view movies.

21 December, 2009

21 December, 2009

Birthday wishes.

Strawberry jam.

Wonderful books.



Audrey Tatou.

My incredible friends.

Drinks that taste like bay leaves.

Lentils with persimmons, almonds and rapini.

Roasted nettles and jerusalem artichokes with polenta and an egg cooked by the fire.

Quince ice cream.

Again, the best friends a girl could ask for.

Feeling like a million bucks.

19 December, 2009

19 and 20 December, 2009

Friendship bracelets.

Craft fair friends.

Chocolate lollipops.

Burma Superstar.


My bed.

A busy morning.

Free beer.

Coconut rice.


Alumni run-ins.


Getting home.

Having Myles and Laurel over.

Tres Leches cake.


18 December, 2009

18 December, 2009

Exciting text messages.

Going back to bed.

Golden Girls reruns.


20 pounds.



Movies at the Paramount.

Milk Duds.

17 December, 2009

17 December, 2009

Pasta puttanesca.

Sunny days.

Beautiful books (thanks, Mom!).

Oodles of plans.

"Tough Love."

Homemade sarsaparilla and empaƱadas.

The Golden Girls Christmas drag show. Heklina as Dorothy, in particular.

The crunch crunch crunch of Seymour working on a rawhide bone.

16 December, 2009

Sleeping in.

Big salads.

Stores who pay on time.



Statisfying a Rice Krispie treat craving.

Historical footage of the East Bay.

A late dinner at Zuni.

Girl talk.

Rides home.

15 December, 2009

15 December, 2009

Whole milk.

Movies in the spirit of "It Happened One Night" and "The Sure Thing."


Delivering presents.


"Up in the Air."


14 December, 2009

14 December, 2009

Sleeping in.

A sunny day.


Simple dinners.

A perfect outfit.

Another person on Bart listening to Michael Jackson too loudly.

Society parties.

High school run-ins and celeb sightings.

Lillet Blanc.

Stephan Jenkins, always well-intentioned.

After parties.


13 December, 2009

13 December, 2009

Being ruthless.

Making plans.

Hot showers.

Latkes with cranberry sauce.

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Again.


Cleaning out my pantry.

Plot twists.

12 December, 2009

Deviled eggs.

A break in the rain.

The Replacements.


Dad's latkes.

My "stamps."

Donut holes.

Last minute adventures.

Semi-attractive, semi-available men.

Friends at the Attic.

Being home.

12 December, 2009

11 December, 2009

Finishing what I started.

Mini corn puddings.

New old clothes.

Beating the rain.

Buying presents.

Finding money in the street.

Putting together the perfect outfit.

Madonna's terrible acting.

More homemade ice cream.

10 December, 2009

10 December, 2009

Processing payments.

Victory over the ants.

Measuring cups.


Wearing my alpaca fur hat over my fox fur earmuffs.

My neighborhood.

Seymour's fear of Christmas lawn ornaments.


Homemade ice cream.

Making headway.

09 December, 2009

9 December, 2009


How quickly my tiny house heats up.

Seymour's laziness.

Flapless bags.


The promise of warmer weather.


08 December, 2009

8 December, 2009

Hot showers.

Branches of red berries at the market.

Making dulce de leche.

My mail lady.

Cooking dinner for family.

Having time for a break.

Homemade gnocchi.

Getting my puppy back.

07 December, 2009

7 December, 2009

Lazy days.

Cheap airfare.

Snow in San Francisco.

My alpaca hat.

Crabfest II.

Important board meetings.

The heater in my car.

Increased sales.

6 December, 2009

Catching up with friends.

Gingerbread houses.

Rainbows over the bay.

Unintentional eavesdropping.

Going to bed at 6:30pm.

06 December, 2009

5 December, 2009

The Deco Society sale.

70 year old dresses that I've had for 15 years.

Splitting a hot fried chicken sandwich on a cold day.

Squeezing in a nap.

Pumpkin curry at Koh Samui.

Killing time with lady friends.

Horse Meat Grease.

Getting to see old friends and acquaintances.


04 December, 2009

4 December, 2009


Clean teeth.


Checks in the mail.

Mr. Monk, for the last time.

On-time Bart trains.


Crashing parties, tastefully.


The Dead Hensons final show.

"Lower Case N."

The fact that almost everyone knows the words to "Rainbow Connection."

An unexpected reprieve.

Soft pants.

03 December, 2009

3 December, 2009

Friendly DMV workers.

Cranberry scones from Bakesale Betty's.

Finding the perfect hamper.

The little bits left over from making a flower arrangement.


Seymour's bully stick collection.

"Business Time." Still funny.

Pasta with tuna, onions, capers, hot pepper and lemon juice.

New shows.

2 December, 2009



Joe Lo Truglio.

Cranberry sauce on walnut bread.


The wonders of modern technology.

Planning surprises.

02 December, 2009

1 December, 2009

Guilty pleasures.

Martin Starr.

Staying on top of things.

Seymour and his idol.

The CW.