29 August, 2009

29 August, 2009

Clean dishes!


Seymour and Amico.


Empire Records.


Cooling down after a heatwave.

The smell of Murphy's Oil Soap.

28 August, 2009


Being consulted for my expertise in messes.

Found marbles.


Zoe Deschanel.

Summery cocktails on a warm night.

Electric fans.

27 August, 2009

27 August, 2009

A productive day.


Tomatoes so sweet, you can eat them like fruit.

Making plans.

26 August, 2009

The way swimming can make everything better.

Manchego cheese.

Good friends.

This guy (above).

26 August, 2009

25 August, 2009

Yukon Gold hash.


Admirers of my car.

Seymour and his tennis balls.

Ladies' Night at Adesso and Doña.

Basil daquiris.

Mom friends.

Going to bed early.

24 August, 2009

24 August, 2009

Staying up all night.

Getting things done and solving problems.

My favorite grapes at the market!

More tomatoes.

Planning adventures.


Doodles and poodles.

Rachel Zoe.

Setting goals.

23 August, 2009

Sleeping in.

Seeing friends and acquaintances.


Finding the oldest house on the block.

Mazzy Star.



Having my buddy on the couch with me where he belongs.

22 August, 2009

22 August, 2009

A weekend of Jessicas.

Getting paid.

Girl talk.

Dr. Pepper.

Bumping into fellow bloggers.

Seeing the hometeam win, triumphantly, in time for the Pyrospectacular show.

A tribute to Woodstock in fireworks.

21 August, 2009

Dry farmed tomatoes.

Mr. S.

Getting things done.

Mysterious fireworks!

Meeting nice people.

The perks of being single.

"Models of the Runway."

20 August, 2009

20 August, 2009

Being intentionally lazy.

Seymour's appetite returning.


The aquarium by night.

Fake food.

Burmese food, at the very last minute.

Good girl friends.


Old friends!

19 August, 2009

19 August, 2009

Bittersweet news.

A clean bill of health.

Scrambling eggs for Seymour.

The smell of tuberoses throughout my house.

Kettle corn.

The "Top Chef Masters" finale: great challenge, beautiful food...

18 August, 2009

18 August, 2009

Looking forward.

Lamb burgers.

A clean puppy!

Naps with Seymour.

Catching up with friends.

Ice cream for dinner.

Helping friends out.

Jeff Lewis. Thank god for Jeff Lewis.

Having good secrets to keep.

17 August, 2009

17 August, 2009


Peach puree.

Seymour's neverending love of swimming.

Tennis ball math.

A nice, long walk.

Underwater movies.


Leftover pot pie and homemade peach ice cream for dinner!


Getting work done.

16 August, 2009

16 August, 2009

Genova sandwiches.

Making ice cream with mom.

Seymour, looking more cheerful.

The hot guy on Design Star.

Dinner with friends.

The return of Mad Men!

15 August, 2009

15 August, 2009

Castile soap.

Dry-farmed tomatoes.

Eating an entire pint of strawberries in less than 10 minutes.


The cutest homemade pot pies ever!

"Ratatouille" and a picnic in the park on a warm summer evening.

Getting Seymour back after his big trek.

14 August, 2009

Working on new designs.

Rich Juzwiak.

"Coffee & TV."


14 August, 2009

13 August, 2009

Dentistry al fresco.

Smoked yams.

Having Piper in town.

Sassy Nails.

Zucchini blossom quesadillas.

Lemon-vanilla ice cream.


Julia Childs.

13 August, 2009

12 August, 2009

Concert tickets.

Picnic invitations.


Chaka Khan.

Goat cheese.

Top Chef Masters.

11 August, 2009

11 August, 2009

Crossing things off my list.

"Bette Davis Eyes."

Costco dates.

Having time for a nap.

Profiteroles with peach ice cream and burnt caramel.

Being able to trust my instincts.

Getting home after a long night.

10 August, 2009

10 August, 2009

Sleeping in.

Cuban sandwiches.

Studio time with V.

Getting things done.

Having my say.

A night off.


09 August, 2009

9 August, 2009

Awesome friends who respond to lists.


Being in Golden Gate park on a warm, sunny day.

Boy talk.

My first demolition derby of the season.

The most amazing photo booth ever. Seriously, the tiger on wheels will be very hard to top.

Funnel cake for dinner.

Cass McCombs.

08 August, 2009

8 August, 2009

Sleeping through the night without being awakened by mosquitoes, allergies, or Seymour.

The big splash Seymour makes when he jumps into the water.

Phone calls from friends.

Sweet corn and basil.

Isla Fischer.


07 August, 2009

7 August, 2009

A reason to get up early.

Splitting sweet and savory with Myles.

Buying a basket full of organic, mostly local* produce (nectarines, plums, peaches, grapefruit, key limes, kumquats, lemons, fennel, arugula) for only $10.66.

Moscato d' Asti.

Making biscuits.

A cleanish house.

Staying on task.

Family dinners.

Going to bed at a decent hour.

* The kumquats and key limes were from someplace else, but everything else was from California.

06 August, 2009

6 August, 2009

A good chat.

Being the boss.

More caramelized tomatoes and goat cheese... mmmm.


Layla's drumming.

Seeing my high school penpal in a pretty decent band, signed to Matador!

Hanging out with my favorite mom and dad (besides my mom and dad, of course).

Hearing from my oldest friend.

Will Smith.

5 August, 2009

Explaining RSS feeds to two different middle-aged women during the course of one day.

New soap.

My favorite rose bushes.

Seymour's new backpack.


Apricot souffle.

Transportation misadventures.

Getting home.

04 August, 2009

4 August, 2009

Breaking into my own car.


Picnics by the lake.

Catching up with Kiersten.

Goose gangs.

Miniature courgettes.

More sangria.


New noses.

Time capsules.

Unexpected friendships.

03 August, 2009

3 August, 2009

Trying out Seymour's pack for his upcoming backpacking trip.


Being able to buy anything at Costco.

Watching the dog show with my dog.


Planning autumn vacations.


2 August, 2009

Vintage enamel pins.

Friends, again.

Tomato season.

Design Star.

01 August, 2009

1 August, 2009

Sleeping 'til noon.

New soap.

A dog named Ouzo.

Seymour showing puppies how to swim.

Making plans.

Good, supportive friends.

Ice cream!

Excited discussions about 19th century invetors.