26 April, 2009

26 April, 2009

A full night's sleep.

Getting over a very long hurdle.

Pulled pork sandwiches and smoked yams at Brown Sugar Kitchen.

Feeling optimistic.

Tuna salad with pickle relish.

"Daisy of Love."

Seymour! He is on this list pretty much every day for good reason.


Getting into the "A" boarding group.

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  1. So you're doing 'em daily. Making you smile. Good for you. Was it your New Year's resolution? I see you started in January.
    (Need to take a look.)

    I tapped into your site when I clicked on bloggers who had "From Here to Eternity" on their list. I am an old coot (70) and I was probably 13 or so when I read it. It had just came out in paperback (a Signet Triple Volume - 75 cents. I had previously read Norman Mailer's "The Naked and the Dead" - a Signet double volume - 50 Cents. The most I had ever spent on a book. Comics - E.C. comics - were 10 cents, pulp fiction novels were a quarter.)

    Anyway, wanted to take a look at your blog. I too am journaling - combining my art and words into a mix of story-telling and life-recordings. All tinged with somewhat cynical but happy humor. Obviously, like all bloggers I suppose, I am looking for an audience. (groan...uh...I mean...grin.)

    Thank you. I'll check out your January posts.